Participants are offered a diverse program that combines fundamental camping and survival skills, self-reflection, peer bonding and an introduction to healthy living habits.

Activities include a scavenger hunt, fitness boot camp, urban farm workshop, mindfulness exercises, campfire rituals, and breakout sessions with mentors that explore leadership styles and goal setting.

When we discuss “survival skills” and “survival training”, we are usually referring to the mechanics involved in wilderness survival situations. Survival trainees need to know how to build a fire in less-than-perfect conditions, what supplies should always be in their pack,  how to find or build a shelter, and on and on. There are enormous benefits to be derived from the actual process of learning and practicing survival skills that are life-changing and ultra rewarding. The survival skills training process reaps great rewards on its practitioners in the form of:


  • reinforced character

  • a greater appreciation for the outdoors


  • increased self-esteem

  • enhanced self-confidence

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  • increased self-esteem

  • enhanced self-confidence